Build Systems and Libraries

Integration into Visual Studio 2008 to 2012

Visual Studio version 2008 onwards comes with a new XML-based build system called MSBuild. The MSBuild system is also activated when triggering a build from the Visual Studio GUI. The project files created by the Visual Studio GUI are used as input by the MSBuild tool.

The MSBuild system can be used to generate goto-binaries from your Visual Studio project as follows:

  1. Install the goto-cl.exe and goto-link.exe binaries in some directory that is contained in the PATH environment variable.

  2. Add a configuration for the goto-cc build for your project in the configuration manager, named "goto-cc".

  3. Open the Visual Studio Command Prompt (in the Tools menu).

  4. Locate the directory that contains the project. Change into this directory using "CD".

  5. Type

    msbuild /p:CLToolExe=goto-cl.exe /p:LinkToolExe=goto-link.exe
       /p:Flavor=goto-cc /p:Platform=x86

    The platform can be adjusted as required; the "Flavor" given should match the configuration that was created earlier.

Note that the recent versions of goto-cc also support file names with non-ASCII (Unicode) characters on Windows platforms.