x86/mix (tooling date Sun Jan 22 02:23:23 GMT 2012)

This family corresponds to litmus tests involving either write-read pairs or internal read-from, to exercise typical x86/TSO scenarios. Therefore they should answer Yes in litmus terms, or Verification Failed in verification terms, as soon as the model is x86/TSO or a weaker one. It differs from x86/podwr and x86/rfi in that it involves several diy cycles instead of one.

Name SC CAV'11 TSO (all delay/cyc) TSO (1 delay/cyc) TSO (opt delay/cyc) Expected (TSO) PSO (all delay/cyc) PSO (1 delay/cyc) PSO (opt delay/cyc) Expected (PSO) RMO (all delay/cyc) RMO (1 delay/cyc) RMO (opt delay/cyc) Expected (RMO) Power (all delay/cyc) Power (1 delay/cyc) Power (opt delay/cyc) Expected (Power)