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About Loopfrog

Loopfrog is an Abstract Interpretation based static analyzer for C programs. It works on binary model files generated by goto-cc.

Loopfrog is a joint project between the Formal Verification Group at the University of Oxford and the Formal Verification and Security Group at the University of Lugano.

For questions about Loopfrog contact Christoph M. Wintersteiger or Aliaksei Tsitovich.

You should also read the license.

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Loopfrog News
09-07-2009: Version 0.9 released; this release features support for termination analysis.
10-17-2009: Version 0.7 released; this release features support for the goto-cc 2.6 binary format.
06-16-2009: Version 0.6 released.
02-17-2008: Version 0.5 released.
11-21-2007: Version 0.4 released.




This research is currently supported by a SEIF award from Microsoft Research and a grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation.