Systems Verification Group

About us

Bug We are interested in formal methods for the correct construction of hardware and soft­ware systems. Our focus is on automated methods for checking compliance of an implementation with a specification, and in particular Model Checking.

We are particularly interested in applying these methods to practical hardware and software im­ple­mentations given in industrial languages such as Verilog, C or C++. Read more about software verif­ication or hardware verification.

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Recent Publications

Group Members
Staff Martin Brain
Samuel Bucheli
Cristina David
Saurabh Joshi
Daniel Kroening
Liana Hadarean
Ruben Martins
Ashutosh Natraj
Elizabeth Polgreen
Peter Schrammel
Björn Wachter
PhD Students Dario Cattaruzza
Alex Horn
Pascal Kesseli
David Landsberg
Matt Lewis
Lihao Liang
Rajdeep Mukherjee
Daniel Neville
Ganesh Narayanaswamy
Vincent Nimal
Daniel Poetzl
Marcelo Sousa
MSc Students
Alumni Igor Zinovik, Postdoc
Thomas Witkowski, MSc 2007, Thesis
Samuel Bernet, MSc 2008
Raphael Mack, MSc 2008, Thesis
Thomas Lenherr, MSc 2008, Thesis
Sean Heelan, MSc 2009, Thesis, Hoare Project Prize, now with Persistence Labs
Haoxian Zhao, MSc 2009, Thesis, now at JP Morgan
Gerard Basler, PhD ETH 2010, Thesis
Nicolas Blanc, PhD ETH 2010, Thesis, now at Intel
Georg Weissenbacher, PhD Oxford 2010, Thesis, now at TU Vienna
Mitra Purandare, PhD ETH 2010, Thesis, now at IBM
Philipp Ruemmer, now Assistant Professor in Uppsala
Christoph Wintersteiger, PhD ETH 2011, Thesis, now at Microsoft Research
Angelo Brillout, PhD ETH 2011, Thesis
Thomas Wahl, now at Northeastern University, Boston
Alastair Donaldson, now Senior Lecturer at Imperial College
Jade Alglave, now at UCL
Nannan He, now at Minnesota State University at Mankato
Vijay Victor D'silva, PhD Oxford 2012, now at Google
Yury Chebiryak, PhD ETH Zürich 2012, Thesis
Ajitha Rajan, now at the University of Edinburgh
Vojtech Forejt, now Associate Professor in the CS Department
Michael Tautschnig, now at Queen Mary, University of London
Nassim Seghir, now at the University of Edinburgh
Alexander Kaiser, PhD Oxford 2013, Thesis
Leopold Haller, PhD Oxford 2014, now at Cadence
Cesar Rodriguez, now at Université Paris 13
Subodh Sharma
Hongyi Chen

A picture taken at our group retreat, and a more recent picture taken at CAV 2013.


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