Test Chain Generation for Reactive Systems

About ChainCover

ChainCover is an automated test suite generator for reactive systems as modelled in Simulink/Stateflow that aims at computing a test chain, i.e., a minimised-length test sequence that covers all test goals. ChainCover uses the model checker CBMC and TSP/ASP solvers to perform this task.

For questions about ChainCover, con­tact Peter Schrammel. You should also read the license.

ChainCover News

New: Version 0.6 released.

There is now a Google Group for annoucements related to ChainCover.


We also provide papers that describe how ChainCover works.



We distribute binaries for x86 Linux and the source.

x86 Linux Sources
  • ChainCover: chaincover-0.6-linux-64.tgz

    Do tar xfz chaincover-0.6-linux-64.tgz before running.

  • It is assumed that you have LKH and clingo on your PATH. Do ./ to download and install them.

  • ChainCover: chaincover-0.6-src.tgz

    Do tar xfz chaincover-0.6-src.tgz; make all before running.

  • Of course, it is assumed that you have gcc/g++ and the usual header files and libraries installed.


This research is currently supported by EU FP7 STREP PINCETTE, the ARTEMIS VeTeSS project and ERC project 280053.